Roasted Perogi Sausage Fest

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Perogi Sausage Fest

This pierogi sausage delight is a slow roast meal. Ideally, you have a dutch oven pot and all these ingredients. The beauty of this dish is if you have any mix of aging veggies they can be included, as this dish is delicious and forgiving as long as you don‚Äôt botch it up completely ūüėČ Hehe
Now, you may be asking, ‘what is a Dutch Oven pot?’¬† Besides what you’ll read in the Urban Dictionary, for cooking this is a thick-walled pot with a tight-fitting lid¬† Often cast-iron and sometimes with ceramic, it allows a slow roast and marinates to occur.¬† Perfect for drawing out the great flavors in both perogi¬†and sausage.
“This dish is delicious and forgiving”
So whip out yer veggies, dice em into chunks, all sizes to your liking.  But be aware all the finely chopped stuff will nearly liquify and become part of the sauce in the end, while larger chunks will soften and absorb the juices.  Don’t add too much spice; instead, allow the natural flavors of the slow-roasting food to mix.

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Step 1: Bring a¬†pot of water to a boil¬†on max, then reduce heat to 80% and add two cups of frozen pierogi’s (approx 8) — Let *for 8 mins, now to prep veggies…
*Perogies are done when they are floating in the boiling water and expanding a bit.
Step 2: Chop and add to Dutch oven pot in sequence:
2 cups potatoes, chop 4 small red potatoes: sitting at the bottom of the pot means these potatoes will soak in the sauce and provide a great base layer for all else that will be on top… next
Add however many sausages you have, we are in luck tonight with 4 big ones
Add 1 cup of celery or dutch roast pot
Add 1/2 onion (large slices)
Last I’ll place the pre-boiled pierogies on top If you need to be aware of dairy issues you can keep separate the different pierogis. I did so with a  red onion to visually indicate my separating line.
Finally sauce, this is allowed to be a mix and match, try your flavours, taste them and make it work for you.
I had a nice tall Pilsner beer from Steamworks Brewing, in Vancouver BC.  Beer is a great base mix for sausage and potatoes.  So I improvised: 
1/2 cup beer, with a good squirt of no name BBQ sauce (hickory) and a medium squirt of everyday mustard, a good dash of pepper and mixed with a fork.  Next I took 1 tbsp of honey and microwaved in a tiny bowl for only 25 seconds, totally liquid at this time I added to the sauce mix and hade a total of 1 cup sauce 
To keep the sauce liquids separated I continued to stir with a fork as I poured it over the entire dish; covering the pierogies running through the veggies and covering the bottom potatoes which will steam and enrich the whole pot with flavour. 
This whole pot now goes in the oven, which we preheated at 375¬į f – for 45 mins.

The slow roast is worth it.  When it is complete you should give it a good stir, keeping any dietary ordered things separate, and it must be left to cool for at least 10 mins.  This give the flavour time to settle and it will be enjoyed by all.  Use a large spoon and dish it out as you like, mixed all together or selected.

Q: What’s a Dutch Oven Pot?

A: It’s a thick-walled iron cast pot with a tight-fitting lid.¬† Great for slow roast meals.

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  1. Ryan

    Hey Zeb – this looks delicious and I bet my kids would love it.

    Question – can I make this in a slow cooker? Or does it have to be a dutch oven?

    • zebontheweb

      Thanks Ryan! Yup. Most recipes calling for a slow cooker or Dutch oven start out the same way: brown the protein, saute the vegetables, add the liquid and cook. In a slow cooker, you select a high or low setting and let the machine do the work, while a Dutch oven braises on a stovetop or in an oven.


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