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Poor Man Meals refuses any and all responsibility for anything and everything you could possibly do with the content found on this website.

Let’s say you go out and purchase a whole bunch of EXPENSIVE ingredients and follow a recipe found on this website…  Then it turns out to be inedible, tasting like MY shit or even worse, YOUR SHIT. Or perhaps you don’t cook your chicken enough and you murder a whole dinner party with salmonella poisoning or something shitty like that.  I am truly deeply sorry for your loss.  However, as far as turning to blame ME for this ERROR – NO FAULT OF MINE.  NOPE.  Notta.  not my bad.  Not acceptable.  I am not to be held responsible for your improper cooking, preparation or provisions whilst cooking your food.  By using this blog as guidance to making preparing or considering food recipes, YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FOOD YOU SERVE.

Everything on this website, is for entertainment purposes only and can not be held liable for any damages you may experience.

-Zeb Hansell