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Hello, I'm Zeb! When I turned 18 I moved away from home; funny thing is, I had no idea what I was doing.  I wanted to eat well, but I didn't know how to shop and I had zero skills in the kitchen.  Only recently did I actually start learning how to make GREAT FOOD, and matching REAL MEALS.  Now, I can see a much better life while I explore the culinary arts.  I'm so inspired by it that I'm now sharing everything I'm learning on

Sandwich Tuna

Tuna in the fridge makes a quick and effective snack or meal.  Tuna in the can is great, but you can make good use of aging veggies in your fridge, and excess juices such as pickle and olive to make more our your tuna. This is a...

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Mmm Buns

Lactose-free tasty hotdog and hamburger BUNS… Homemade bread at a BBQ is always a favorite, as long as it really puffs-up and is sufficient size for the accompanying meat. *This recipe uses almond milk instead of...

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