Need something quick and tasty for breakfast?  Combine your egg with your toast to make french toast… Kids love this too!

Top it off with white sugar powder, cinnamon, and/or syrup and you are feeling rich.  This one is a simple quicky that gives you the energy to start the day.  French toast is a favorite.


Prep: Cook: Ready: Serves:
2m 3m 5m 1




Step 1: Start with two pieces of bread, (of your choice.)

Step 2: Score the bread with a ‘t’ shaped cut

Step 3: Whip 1 egg, adding a splash of water if it’s too thick

Step 4: Pour egg over bread, then flip the bread trying not to rip it, instead have it absorb all the egg.

Step 5: Turn heat on a stove to 70%, and add your egg-soaked bread to pan, and flip after 45 secs

Step 6: Add a pinch of cinnamon, powdered sugar icing and/or some amazing canadian maple syrup.

Did you know maple syrup is a great laxative?
It’s true!

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