Chicken Wings FTW

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I loves me some chicken wings and hot sauce. However, chicken wings are only really good IMO when they are breaded and cooked thoroughly and covered with an awesome sauce.
This method included breading the chicken wings, then frying them, then baking them to completion.  So it’s best to start with a saucepan that can be transferred into the oven.
Also because we are dealing with raw chicken be sure to clean everything well that touches it.  Never cross-contaminate raw chicken with cooked.  And be sure to wash your hands often as you go.  Salmonella poisoning can be fatal.

Prep Like a Pro: 

Breadcrumbs + spices

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15m 15m 30m 4

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Prepare the breading:
This gives a nice crunchy bread-shell to bite through and helps absorb the bbq sauce.  To do this take croutons and grind them down into the fine powder.  To this, you can now add chili powder or smoked paprika for spice.
Preparing the chicken:
Starting with three pans/bowls.  One with flour (pinch of salt and pepper), one with well-mixed egg, and another with the breadcrumbs.
First, roll the chicken in the flour.
Then roll in the egg.
Lastly, roll in breading.
Keep one hand clean by using a fork to help roll the chicken.  This process gets messy and you want to touch as little as you need to while working with raw chicken.
Preparing the pan:
Using an oven-safe saucepan, and being cautious of boiling oils and backsplash, we want to heat the olive oil on the stove top not quite to boiling.  Add the chicken carefully, and flip them and roll them constantly until most of the oil is used and the chicken is crisp.  You can now add bbq sauce to the pan rolling the chicken to cover completely.
Frying the breading is what gives it the desired crunch, but the chicken will still need to be cooked through, and that’s why we move it to the oven. For 12 mins bake the chicken at 350°.  Finally carefully remove pan with oven mitt and place on cool stove.  Allow sitting to cool for 7 mins to cool and for flavors mix.


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