Tuna on the Go

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Tuna Sandwich Spread

Tuna to go in the fridge makes a quick and effective snack or meal.  Tuna in the can is great, but you can make good use of aging veggies in your fridge, and excess juices such as pickle and olive to make more our your tuna. Tuna sandwiches, tuna casserole, tuna sushi, mmmm tuna.  Every few weeks I like to do up a batch of tuna base for sandwiches and snacks.  I fill up leftovers dish and just chuck it into the fridge for whenever.  The most common of this preparation is just drained cans of tuna mashed together with mayonnaise.  Finally, you have ‘tuna-to-go’.

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This is a preparation tutorial of how to make a tuna spread that works great with sandwiches, on crackers, and even mixes well with pasta. From there, depending on your taste you can add a number of complementary ingredients to healthy factor, and flavor factor.  Here’s my version of a garlic and dill tuna spread, sure to please.

Step 1: Open and drain 3 cans of Tuna

Step 2: Empty each can into a large bowl and recycle the metal cans.

Step 3: Combine 1 Cup of mayo and 1 cup of pickle juice to mix into a paste.  Any fluid will work to make a spreadable paste that’s not too chunky, such as olive juice or even just water.  Season to taste.

Step 4: at this time anything goes, for peppers, veggies, like celery or diced carrots, whatever you add to the tuna mix is up to you!

Keep in your fridge for up to 10 days, and check smell and look to make sure it’s ok to eat over time.  This spread is a great healthy lunch and snack to have ready-to-go each and every week.



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