Lactose-free tasty hotdog and hamburger BUNS… Homemade bread at a BBQ is always a favorite, as long as it really puffs-up and is sufficient size for the accompanying meat.

*This recipe uses almond milk instead of real… this adds a tiny bit of sweetness and is for more varied diets.  If you want, you can use any kind of milk 🙂


Add warm yeast cream to mix, mix well

Prep: Cook: Ready: Serves:
30m 30m 3.5 hrs  4



Fresh bread takes time and is tricky due to the yeast.  Yeast is temperamental and needs time, but this can be skipped using other methods.  This method takes time but seems to be a crowd pleaser for BBQ’s, each and every time.

Using a mixer for bread is easiest, this way you just add the ingredients and let the mixer do the hard work.  All the initial dry ingredients can go into the mixer, up until the cream.

The milk, or almond milk, (for lactose-free bread,) must be warmed up and have the yeast added to it while mixing well.  This is to keep the yeast alive, at a warm temperature before adding to the overall doe mix.

Finally, you can add water or flour depending on the consistency until you have a nicely forming ‘ball’ of sticky doe to knead.

Knead well, as this really is key to creating doe that will rise and fluff up as expected.

Waiting for 2 hrs is part of this yeast-rising recipe. At this time you can cover it with a dish towel and do whatever else you had planned for the day…

After the 2 hrs pass, you can knead one more time and place in the oven, or this could be when you choose to refrideragte the doe for another day, to make pizza or bread.

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